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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of "heart-softener?"

I see softness as the courage to love, the ability to see and be the good, the urge to slow and be present, and the willingness to be flexible, learning from every experience placed on our journey. There are a lot of obstacles to softness such as trauma, darkness, and having to endure; however, I'm here to help you transmute those obstacles. Softness is for all of us. Softness is for survival and then some. It's not about being perfect, it's about being whole. Through my work, I soften people's hearts and help them recognize their wholeness.

What is an energy reading?

Our energy is so valuable, yet we can mismanage it often in the world we live in. During the reading, I'll identify where (chakra centers) and how you could be taking better care of your energy. The reading includes a mini guided meditation practice that will support you in committing to more intentional energy management. More information here

How do I contact you regarding speaking engagements or brand partnerships? 
Please send an email to with a clear subject line.

Are you open to collaborations or podcast guests? 

My podcast is intentionally solo; however, I'm happy to explore other options that make sense. Please send an email to with a clear subject line.

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