Mindset & Lifestyle Coach

Welcome, friend–here's what I do in a nutshell: I help highly sensitive women release people-pleasing, self-doubt, resentment and other mental blocks without losing who they are at their core. All through the magical work of mindfulness.

Sensitivity is a gift, and as an HSP myself, my work helps people embrace their authentic selves, creates safe spaces for others to heal and grow, and guides people to lead with love. Individual healing sparks healing for the collective, and I'm grateful for the ability to serve.


Turns out the sensitivity that was "too much" for some in my childhood is exactly what others need today.



To guide highly sensitive people to embrace their gifts and to encourage a world that celebrates sensitivity and neurodiversity.


To raise the vibration of the collective, one generation at a time.


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Overview of Credentials

Mindfulness Life Coaching Certification

Transformation Academy, February 2021

Founder of The NUDE Podcast

Since 2019

Bachelor of Journalism: Strategic Communication, Public Relations

University of Missouri, December 2018

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist, tarot reader, or astrologer. I cannot diagnose clients or prescribe any medications. I am, however, experienced in providing guidance regarding holistic wellness and in helping clients debunk limiting beliefs about their own experiences, offerings, and journeys. All of my services are completed with the intention of leaving clients feeling able, prepared and supported in crafting the lives of their dreams.