Your favorite heart-softener

Lightworker, healer, mindset coach, meditation guide, etc. I've never really liked labels – they're too limiting. But here's what I do in a nutshell: I empower highly sensitive people to overcome self-doubt and cultivate inner peace using the transformative tools of mindfulness and self-compassion.

I'm also just a creative being carving her place in the world.


I'm a lover by design who is passionate about authentic, intentional and gracious living. I am mindfully relentless in healing myself and in developing soul-shifting tools that help to raise the vibration of the collective.



I'm from Kansas City, MO: the city of fountains, amazing BBQ, and incredible creatives. The 816 is special.


I am spiritual, not religious.


Activities that help me recenter:

- nature walks and dancing

- drinking wine and laughing

- meditation near water

- getting attached to characters on Netflix shows

Image by Joey Kyber

My Why

I love love. However, due to childhood experiences, navigating depression and anxiety, and adopting some limiting beliefs, I unfortunately learned to put love for myself on the back-burner. As I growth through my 20s, I realize that the lack of self-love just isn't going to cut it anymore. I decided I don't want a low vibration to be all that I know, and I'd hate to miss out on my blessings because I'm holding onto limits. I don't want you to experience this either!


Mindfulness practices are what save me when I can't seem to remember who I am or who I come from. Through my spiritual journey, I have come to realize that as long as we have breath, we have purpose and as long as we have awareness, we can make monumental, lasting change for ourselves and others. I am dedicated to showing others that healing is possible, necessary and liberating. Through healing myself I continue to learn that the way we think and speak over lives makes all the difference, and I am here to help us be more intentional about our journeys through vulnerability and mindfulness.


Guiding people to embrace their inner spirit, release shame from their experiences, and rewrite their personal narratives through a lens of love. Restoring belief in those who seek healing, deep connection, intentionality, spiritual development, and inner peace.


To prioritize healing, mindset shifts and loving experiences for all, resulting in greater health and peace on a collective level.


Mindfulness Life Coaching Certification

Transformation Academy, February 2021

Founder of The NUDE Podcast

Since 2019

Bachelor of Journalism: Strategic Communication, Public Relations

University of Missouri, December 2018

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist, tarot reader, or astrologer. I cannot diagnose clients or prescribe any medications. I am, however, experienced in providing guidance regarding holistic wellness and in helping clients debunk limiting beliefs about their own experiences, offerings, and journeys. All of my services are completed with the intention of leaving clients feeling able, prepared and supported in crafting the lives of their dreams.